Why You Need A Lawyer Before You Are Arrested

If there is a warrant out for your arrest, or you suspect there may soon be, you need an attorney to prepare you.

A criminal defense attorney will advise you on what to say or not say to investigators, the police, or to other people about the situation. Additionally, if a detective requests an interview with you, a Raleigh defense lawyer will go to the station with you to assist and to make sure you do not say anything that could potentially incriminate you.

If a warrant is issued, the attorney may be able to arrange your surrender with the police so you are not arrested at your workplace or house in front of your neighbors. The criminal lawyer will also prepare you for what will happen during your hopefully brief stay at the Wake County Detention Center on Hammond Road. She may even be present when your bond is set.

Ideally, retaining a Wake County criminal defense attorney pre-arrest will help calm your nerves about the process. She may be able to identify exactly what you could be charged with and will lay out the worst and best case scenarios. If witnesses are involved, the lawyer may conduct an investigation to find out exactly what is being alleged. This will ultimately help with your defense strategy.

William Pruden has assisted many people in the pre-arrest phase. If you think you might be arrested soon or someone is investigating you, contact William at 919-880-2124.

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