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Administrative forfeiture is a process that allows government agencies to seize property that they believe is connected to criminal activity without judicial involvement. These cases are handled internally by the government without involving the court system at all. Administrative forfeiture is more common than criminal or civil forfeiture. There only needs to be probable cause for a law enforcement agency to suspect the property is tied to crime for them to be able to seize it. To stop an administrative forfeiture/seizure, you should hire a qualified attorney who has the specific expertise to navigate your case.

Attorney William Pruden is an experienced forfeiture attorney based in Raleigh, NC. He understands how the system works and can help you file a petition for mitigation or remission successfully. If your property has already been forfeited and delivered to the government, William can help you petition to restore the asset(s).

What Kinds of Property Can Be Administratively Forfeited?

Administrative forfeitures are most common because they are the cheapest and easiest option for the government. Unfortunately for property owners, this often means they don’t get the due process they deserve. The rules are designed to help the government confiscate your property. However, you do have opportunities to stand up for yourself. Because the process is complex and intentionally made to intimidate defendants, you should partner with an experienced attorney when contesting administrative forfeiture.

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Notices of administrative asset forfeitures are published in newspapers and on government websites. The government will also send forfeiture letters or notices of seizure to all interested parties. If you have received a notice, contact Pruden Law today and find out what you can do to stop the seizure from happening.

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