Civil Asset Forfeiture

We have handled numerous Civil Asset Forfeiture cases. Let us navigate you through yours.
Contact us at (919) 880-2124 or

We have handled numerous Civil Asset Forfeiture cases. Let us navigate you through yours.
Contact us at (919) 880-2124

When the police seize money or property from civilians without a criminal trial or conviction, it’s called civil asset forfeiture. Get Dependable Advice and Representation in Your Civil Forfeiture Case in Raleigh, NC

William Pruden

Civil forfeiture targets the asset, not the owner, which is why law enforcement agencies are able to seize assets without convicting the owner.

If they believe someone’s property is connected to a crime, they can seize it regardless of the owner’s involvement. That means innocent people lose property to law enforcement agencies as a result.

Asset forfeiture was originally intended to help repay victims of crime and financially cripple criminal organizations. Now, civil asset forfeiture abuse by law enforcement has become a massive issue across the country. Law enforcement agencies get to keep part of the proceeds after selling seized assets, so they are often motivated by profit rather than justice. If your property was taken by the government due to an alleged connection with a crime, Pruden Feldmann Law is prepared to stand up for your rights. The law gives federal and state law enforcement agencies the right to seize property that they believe has been involved in or acquired via criminal activity, even without a criminal conviction.

The laws surrounding civil forfeiture are incredibly complex and most attorneys are not well-versed in the nuances of these cases. It’s critical to have an attorney with specific expertise on your side when attempting to contest a civil forfeiture and reclaim your property.

Attorney William Pruden has focused knowledge and extensive experience when it comes to representing clients who wish to contest the forfeiture of their property. He can help clients reclaim assets that were seized and stop asset seizure from occurring. Pruden Feldmann Law is based in Raleigh, NC and represents clients in the surrounding areas.

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There are several defenses that can be used to contest a civil forfeiture. William can assess your situation and represent you assertively. Call (919) 880-2124 or fill out our contact form to request a consultation and discuss your case.

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