Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse

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Deeply flawed civil asset forfeiture laws allow law enforcement agencies to profit from property they seize. We Represent Victims of Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse in Raleigh, NC

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Civil forfeiture can occur without any arrest or criminal conviction, which means police only have to have reasonable suspicion that the property they want to seize is somehow connected to criminal activity. Many police departments take advantage of this and are motivated to seize property for profit rather than for justice. Civil asset forfeiture abuse is a country-wide issue that is getting worse every year.

Pruden Law stands up for people whose assets were unjustly taken by the government. We believe that the laws surrounding civil forfeiture need to be reformed and until then, we will continue to fight for the rights of those victimized by civil asset forfeiture abuse. We represent clients in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas.

William Pruden Can Help You Reclaim Your Property

The process of reclaiming property that was seized through civil asset forfeiture is notoriously complex and difficult. If your property has been seized, or the government has threatened to seize your property, it is critical that you promptly seek counsel from an experienced attorney. Attorney William Pruden has the specific expertise to navigate even the most complex forfeiture cases. He is prepared to investigate your case and develop a defense strategy to help you reclaim your property.

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