Asset Forfeiture

We have handled numerous Asset Forfeiture cases. Let us navigate you through yours.
Contact us at (919) 880-2124.

We have handled numerous Asset Forfeiture cases. Let us navigate you through yours.
Contact us at (919) 880-2124.

When the government seizes an individual or business’s property, it is called asset forfeiture. Partner with an experienced Asset Forfeiture Attorney in Raleigh, NC

William Pruden

In most cases, the government is confiscating money and property that it believes to have been used in or gained from a criminal act. Asset forfeiture was originally created as a way to make a financial impact on criminal organizations, but the laws have been frequently abused and people have lost their property unjustly. William Pruden is an asset forfeiture attorney who represents clients whose property has been seized by the government. He is dedicated to standing up for the rights of his clients and recovering property that shouldn’t have been taken.

If the government has seized or is threatening to seize your assets, get in touch with Pruden Law in Raleigh, NC today. You’ll get dedicated, personal attention from an attorney who has unique expertise in asset forfeiture and the laws that surround these cases. William is prepared to:

  • Assess your case and advise you on your options
  • File a motion to return seized assets
  • Contest the forfeiture of property via trial proceedings

Criminal Asset Forfeiture

Criminal asset forfeiture is a punitive act against criminal offenders that comes as part of their sentencing following a conviction. It is typically used to seize property that was used in a crime or somehow connected to crime. For example, the government can seize a vehicle that was used to transport illegal drugs.

Asset forfeiture is common in certain types of criminal cases, such as:

  • Drug cases, particularly large-scale distribution and manufacturing crimes
  • Cases that involve the illegal manufacturing, storage, and distribution of weapons
  • White collar crimes, like investment fraud schemes
  • Copyright and patent violations
  • Terrorist activity

You have the right to contest criminal asset forfeiture through trial proceedings. If you wish to do so, you should consult with an asset forfeiture attorney and get the representation you need to navigate your situation.

Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse

The proceeds gained by government agencies through asset forfeiture are supposed to be used to repay victims, support law enforcement needs, and fund community programs. Unfortunately, many police departments use asset forfeiture unjustly to benefit themselves.

Civil asset forfeiture allows law enforcement to seize property that they believe to be in connection with criminal activity, even when no arrest or conviction has occurred. The laws surrounding civil asset forfeiture are severely flawed and the police take advantage of this. They keep or sell this property for profit and it is extremely challenging to reclaim it. Attorney William Pruden will stand up for your rights and fight to protect your property.

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