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Criminal forfeiture occurs when the government seizes money and property that was involved in or gained through a criminal act. For example, the government can seize a vehicle that was used to transport illegal weapons, or a home that was purchased using the proceeds from illegal drug sales. Asset forfeiture comes as part of an offender’s sentencing following a conviction. The individual who owns the property has the right to contest the forfeiture through trial proceedings.

Attorney William Pruden represents defendants in the Raleigh, NC area who are fighting to reclaim or defend their property from being taken. The laws surrounding criminal asset forfeiture are incredibly complex, and it generally requires an attorney with specialized knowledge to successfully litigate these matters. William has the unique expertise needed to navigate your situation and is prepared fight to have your assets released.

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Criminal forfeiture of property is commonly associated with the following types of crime:

  • Cases involving Fraud
  • Money
  • Laundering
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Illegal Weapons
  • Terrorist Activities

While awaiting trial the Government may seize a defendant’s property. If a defendant is convicted, the court may order the property that was acquired illegally, was used in criminal activity, or was purchased using proceeds from criminal activity, permanently forfeited.

Oftentimes, law enforcement is able to seize property before the alleged offender is convicted or without ever charging an individual with a crime.

This is called civil asset forfeiture , and it means that if law enforcement officers have reason to believe property is connected to criminal activity, they can seize it without warning. Unfortunately, the laws surrounding civil forfeiture are flawed and have led to much abuse by police departments who seek to seize property for their own benefit.

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Attorney William Pruden has successfully negotiated to reduce the amount of money or property that our clients had to give up in criminal forfeiture cases, and in some cases has been able to reclaim the total amount seized. Call (919) 880-2124 or fill out our contact form to request a consultation and discuss your case with William.

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