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Relationships break down and don’t always work out the way we planned.

DVPO Defense

Sometimes, accusations get thrown around or someone oversteps a boundary and the next thing they know they are being served by a Wake County Sheriff Deputy with summons to appear in Courtroom 5A for a domestic violence protective order hearing. Restraining orders are rarely expected by the defendant, and they can be quite shocking. Your first inclination may be to ignore it and just let it be entered; the relationship is obviously done anyhow. But, having a DVPO entered against you could affect your job, the custody of your children, and your ability to buy and possess firearms.

50C Defense

A Chapter 50C no-contact complaint is heard in the same courtroom in Wake County, but requires different elements. A 50C is often analogized as a neighbor dispute — one neighbor doesn’t like the other, and harasses the other. Or, in some cases, a 50C can be based on non-consensual sexual conduct when no previous romantic or familial relationship existed. A 50C does not necessarily carry the same restrictions as a 50B, such as mandatory removal of firearms. However, 50Cs can still carry heavy consequences that spill over into criminal court, and can affect your job and lifestyle. Do not attempt to defend one without an attorney.

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