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Pruden Law believes that kindness & compassion should always come first.

If you are visiting our website, there is a good chance you have a problem that needs solved. We cannot promise that we can solve all your problems, but we can guide you in the right direction and attempt to mitigate any damages you could receive. Our job is to listen to you and ask lots of questions so we can develop a legal strategy. All we ask is that you are truthful with us – it makes it much easier to help you and properly protect you. In return, we promise to be honest with you.

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William primarily focuses on federal criminal defense as well as asset forfeiture in North Carolina. He is admitted in the State of North Carolina, the Eastern District of North Carolina, and the Western District of North Carolina.

Our office is located in downtown Raleigh, less than two blocks from the courthouse. Call us at 919-880-2124 to set up a consultation.

Please, no solicitations via phone or email. We prefer to dedicate our time to our clients rather than answering calls from people trying to sell us SEO services. 

Attorney William Pruden

William Pruden

Federal Defense Attorney

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Call us anytime for help. (919) 880-2124

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