You Need A Dash Cam

Get on Amazon and buy one right now. Don’t put it off.

A dash cam is a camera that you suction cup to your inner windshield that records what’s on the road in front of you (and possibly behind you if you put one in the back).

You need one for your own protection. Imagine this: you skirt through a yellow light just before it turns red, but you are pulled over for running a red light. Without a dash cam, it’s your word against the officer’s, and you likely won’t win in a trial. This will result in you using a prayer for judgment continued (PJC) or paying a substantial fine and dealing with an insurance increase for three years. But, if you have a dash cam, you can show the assistant district attorney or judge that you didn’t run the red light and theoretically get the ticket dismissed.

Or, maybe you’re in a car accident. The other party says you ran a red light, but you had a green and they turned in front of you. Not only can you show this to police, you can also provide this to your insurance company so you don’t get hit with the increase.

If a dash cam is placed properly, it will not obstruct your view while driving. You simply plug it into your power outlet and it records while the car is on.

For many dash cams, you will need to by an SD card separately for storage. Be mindful of how long the camera records– some record over themselves every few hours, so if you’re on a long road trip and something happens, you need to download the footage as soon as possible.

Seriously, don’t wait. You don’t want to regret it.

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