The Officer Said He Would Go Easy On Me If I Let Him Search My Car

But you were still charged, right?

Police often say things such as “If you let me just search your car it will be much better for you” or “If you just tell me the truth I’ll go easy on you.” Yet, you were still cited with possession of marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia — did the officer lie to you?

You were lied to, and it’s completely legal. If a cop tells you he will go easier on you if you cooperate, do not believe him. NEVER consent to the police searching your car, your house, your bag, etc.

You may think you do not have anything incriminating, but something as simple as a vape pen can be considered paraphernalia. Even if you only have legal amounts of CBD in the pen, in North Carolina an officer might still charge you with possessing marijuana, and you could possibly receive a felony charge. In theory, the substance should be sent to the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) for testing, but receiving results could often take six months to year. In the mean time, you have had to appear in court once a month, miss work, spend thousands on legal fees, and explain to everyone why your mugshot is plastered all over the internet.

However, you should always be polite and cooperative with a cop, especially in Wake County. When determining your sentence and deciding if you’re eligible for a PJC (prayer for judgment continued), the judge will consider whether you were polite and cooperative. This does not mean you have to let the officer search your car, but it does mean you should politely say “no.” (For example: “No sir, you may not. Thank you for understanding.”)

If you have been stopped by the police and charged with a crime in Raleigh, Knightdale, Wake Forest, Cary, Morrisville, or Apex, you need to talk to a Wake County criminal defense attorney before your first appearance in court. I promise to be honest with you and let you know if you even need an attorney to handle your case. Contact me at 919-880-2124.

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