What If I Missed My Court Date In Wake County?

You need to contact an attorney immediately. You may a warrant out for your arrest if you missed court for your misdemeanor or felony charge. If you missed court for a traffic infraction, you generally have a few weeks to get your case recalendared before you are penalized by the court and the DMV.

If you missed your court date for your misdemeanor or felony charge there is likely a warrant out for your arrest. If you do not have an attorney, call the Wake County Clerk of Court at 919-792-4000. They will likely direct you to come to the office and file a motion to have the case put back on the calendar. Alternatively, call a local criminal defense lawyer. The lawyer will advise you on whether you need to turn yourself in at the Hammond Road Detention Center. Once you turn yourself in, if necessary, you will possibly given the chance to bond out and the magistrate will set a new court date. Turning yourself in, rather than evading the warrant, might persuade the magistrate to set a lower bond, and the judge may consider it when deciding your sentence (if any).

If you missed your court date for a speeding ticket or other minor traffic violation you have twenty days to either pay the ticket or get it back on the calendar. An experienced Raleigh defense attorney can recalendar the case and either plea it or have it reduced (depending on the charge). This must be done within twenty days to avoid a $250 fine. The DMV will also send a notice to your last address on file alerting you that you have so many days to recalendar the ticket or your license will be revoked.

Did you have a valid reason for not appearing in court, such as sickness or a death in the family? You need to provide any paperwork documenting your excuse to your attorney.

Wake County Traffic Court

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