Don’t Use A PJC Without Talking To A Lawyer

Don’t even think about asking for a prayer for judgment continued in Wake County without talking to a traffic lawyer first. You may be wasting your PJC, and you may be harming others in your household.

A prayer for judgment continued allows you to avoid insurance points and DMV points, and also eliminates court fines (although it does not eliminate court costs). You can use one PJC per household every three years for purposes of insurance and two every five years for court purposes.

An insurance household is all the members of a household on an insurance policy. If you have a child away at college, but still on your car insurance policy, he or she is included in this.

If you have someone in your household who speeds often, save your PJC.

If you were stopped at 9 over and you have no other speeding violations within three years, save your PJC.

If you are eligible for an improper equipment, save your PJC.

If you have teenagers, you might want to save your PJC.

A PJC means you are still technically entering a guilty plea, you just won’t suffer the court fines and insurance consequences you would without one. You may also be able to avoid losing your license with a PJC, and can possibly also avoid the extra fine for speeding in a work zone or speeding in a school zone.

Stop listening to people who are not traffic attorneys– there’s a good chance you’ll get bad advice.

Contact Attorney William Pruden for a free consultation on your Wake speeding ticket at 919-880-2124.

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Should you use a PJC? Don’t do it without talking to a lawyer.
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