What Is Marijuana Wax?

Marijuana wax is a form of concentrated weed that has a higher potency than simply smoking a joint. It is created by cooking the plant with butane, which ultimately creates a waxy substance. The wax can contain up to 90% THC (compared to 30% of very potent green pot).

Wax can be inhaled as butane hash oil, and will produce a very strong high — this is known as “dabbing.” Although dabbing may be able to help people with chronic pain, depression, or other medical issues, it is not legal and can land a person in jail.

What’s the difference between marijuana wax and cannabutter?

Cannabutter, also known as marijuana butter, is literally butter infused with cannabis. It can be used in edibles, on toast, or other food products. This substance will be much less potent than wax. Cannabutter is not legal in NC.

Marijuana wax is not legal in North Carolina.

Possessing wax can be as much as a Class I felony in NC, depending on the weight. The State will likely have the wax tested to confirm it is in fact an illicit substance, and to determine the amount of THC in it. Without an official SBI report, the officer may try to say he knew the substance was illegal based on his training and experience (he recognized the smell). Your lawyer may object to this and ask for actual results, which can take many months to come back.

You Need A Lawyer

There are many intricacies in North Carolina drug law, and they are not something you want to try to learn while sitting in a courtroom waiting for the assistant district attorney to call you to the bench. I have personally handled a large number of marijuana cases in Wake County and know what to look for, what to ask the police, and what programs are available for a dismissal. Call me at (919) 880-2124 to talk about your charges.

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