What Is Flakka?

It’s incredibly dangerous.

Flakka is a synthetic drug that produces a high similar to cocaine, but is much stronger and much more lethal. Its chemical makeup is similar to bath salts; both come from the khat plant.

It’s often called “gravel” because of its likeness to aquarium gravel; it also looks like actual bath salts (the ones for bath relaxation; not the drug). Flakka can be used pretty much any way imaginable — smoked, injected, snorted, or ingested.

The DEA classifies it as a Schedule I drug. In North Carolina, a person could be charged with a Class H felony, which can carry up to 25 months in jail for each count.

Although Flakka has not seemingly had the impact on North Carolina fentanyl and meth has, it has the potential to be just as dangerous and widespread.

If you have been charged with a Class H drug felony in Wake or Vance County, contact 919-880-2124 for a free consultation on your charges.

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