What Do I Do If There’s A Bench Warrant Out For My Arrest In Wake County?

  1. You can try to live your life evading the Wake County Sheriff; or
  2. You can turn yourself in at Hammond Road Detention Center and get it over with.

I suggest option 2. Turning yourself in may help you get a lower bond, and you won’t have to live in constant fear of being arrested, and it will stop sheriff deputies from knocking on the doors of your friends and family.

Will I be arrested if I have to go to court and I know there’s a bench warrant out for me?

It’s very possible. You don’t have a duty to tell anyone in the courthouse there’s a warrant out for your arrest, but many times the bailiff is already on alert and looking for you.

How do I know if I have a warrant out for my arrest?

The Wake County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t always let people know if they have a warrant out. You can attempt to call them and ask, but there’s no guarantee they will tell you. If you think another department, such as Raleigh Police, is looking for you, you can contact that agency and ask.

Do I need a lawyer to turn myself in?

Not necessarily, but it certainly helps. The lawyer can contact jail and let them know you are coming. This will help expedite the process. Having a lawyer on retainer might also help you obtain a lower bond.

When will my first court date be?

If you do not bond out, you will have a first appearance in front of a judge generally within 48 hours. At that point you can decide whether you would like a court-appointed attorney or you would like to hire your own. The judge will then set your first court date, which you must be present for whether you are incarcerated or not.

What if I decide to go to another state?

There’s a good chance you could be arrested in that state and held until North Carolina extradites you or you waive extradition. This will be a lengthy process and will certainly extend the time you are incarcerated. It’s probably best not to dodge a warrant by hiding in another jurisdiction.

How’s the food in jail?

In Wake County, it’s pretty awful. You want to try to spend as little time in jail as possible. A lawyer may be able to help with this.

If you believe or know you have a warrant out for your arrest, contact Attorney William Pruden at 919-880-2124 for a free consultation on your Raleigh charges.

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