So, The Police Took Your Money


asset forfeiture
Did the cops seize money from you?

Was your money, cash, currency, or other personal property seized? If you were a victim of federal or state agents’ “cash grab” then call attorney William Pruden of Pruden Feldmann Law, PLLC at (919) 880-2124.

If your cash or property was seized at an airport, on a train or from your vehicle, we can immediately begin the process of reclaiming it. Discover why we advocate retaining the services of an attorney to complete the following steps:

  1. Dispute the seizure’s validity by filing a verified claim requesting court intervention;
  2. Demand video surveillance evidence prior to its destruction;
  3. Obtain a court order compelling authorities to turn over the video regardless of opposition.

It is challenging to comply with the notice and other procedural requirements of these complicated statutes and rules. Hiring an asset forfeiture attorney is critical to safeguarding your rights and ensuring the fundamental justice required by due process in this complex area of law. We can assist you in expediting the process by filing a claim on the same day as the seizure.

While you have the option of petitioning for relief through remission, mitigation, or making an offer in compromise, these administrative remedies are rarely successful. When their administrative appeal for relief is eventually dismissed via a form letter, individuals frequently regret that decision.

If you wait for the notice of seizure to arrive in the mail, it will be sent to the address indicated on the receipt by certified mail. Take time to attentively read the letter. Keep in mind the deadline for filing a verified claim for legal action. If the agency does not receive the claim by this date, it will be denied. Similarly, if you do not give the needed information or do not adequately validate the claim, it will be rejected.

William Pruden helps ensure that your verified claim is correctly written and received by the appropriate agency within the given time. Then he can begin presenting all the legal reasons why it must be returned. We can assist you if federal officers from any federal agency seizes your money at any airport in the United States and rather than letting the government take your money, you should retain an attorney who can aggressively defend your case.

Want to learn how to reclaim money seized at the airport? William Pruden of Pruden Feldmann Law, PLLC  has extensive experience defending civil asset forfeiture lawsuits.

If federal or state officials have stolen your money, call an attorney immediately so that you can demand early judicial intervention. By requesting judicial action, you can compel the agency to return your funds or insist the US Attorney’s Office to bring the forfeiture action in US District Court.

When cash is seized by federal agents or state police, civil asset forfeiture lawyer William Pruden can assist you in fighting to recover your money. Our forfeiture attorneys can contest the seizure’s legality and the validity of any forfeiture proceeding.

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