On Probation In North Carolina? Be Careful With CBD

Carl’s Jr. is introducing a CBD-infused sauce on a hamburger on April 20, 2019 (conveniently enough). This burger reportedly will not have enough THC to make the consumer high, but could give a the relaxed feeling often associated with CBD.

As you likely know, marijuana is still illegal federally, but is legal in many states, including Colorado. Marijuana, including medical marijuana, is NOT legal in North Carolina. CBD is legal in NC if it has a .3% or less THC concentrate. This does not mean it is okay to consume CBD in any form if you are on probation in North Carolina or if you have a drug test coming up.

It is very possible you will fail a routine probation drug test if you have recently consumed CBD. This could essentially revoke your probation and send you to jail. You may think you are using THC-free CBD products, but these products are not closely regulated by the FDA nor the State, and therefore could contain THC without your knowledge.

Even if you are not on probation, you may fail a required drug test for your job or an occupational license. It is best to be honest with the person performing the test or your probation officer if you have consumed what you believe to be a legal CBD product recently. Most people prefer not to be surprised by test results and might be more understanding if you warn them about the possibility of THC showing up. (The same logic applies if you recently ate a poppy seed bagel or muffin — it could show the presence of an opioid on a drug test).

If you are on probation in Wake County, there’s a good chance your PO isn’t let you travel to Colorado right now. If you do find yourself there, it’s best to avoid that burger.

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