How Can I Find My North Carolina Traffic Record?

The only website you can trust is the NC DMV site. All of the other background check sites cannot be relied on. You can access you record here. You will need your driver’s license number, your social security number, and your birth date.

Do not enter the first four zeros on your license when entering your license number. The system is also very picky about how your name is spelled — be sure to write it exactly as it is on your license. You do not need to include the dashes when entering your social security number.

You can download your record directly from the DMV website. A non-certified copy is $10. If you are using the record for court purposes, ask the assistant district attorney or a criminal defense lawyer if you need a non-certified or certified copy. A certified copy must be mailed to you.

If you do not have a driver’s license, you cannot retrieve your driving record from the site. Instead, you must go to a DMV location and fill out a form. The cost is the same.

How Do I Find Out How Many Points I Have On My NC License?

Your driving record will state at the top how many points you have. It takes 12 points in North Carolina for the DMV to suspend your license. Once you hit 7 points, you can ask the DMV to let you take a driver’s education/improvement course to remove some points.

Is There A Way To Look At My Record For Free?

In Wake County, you can go to the Clerk’s office in the Wake County Justice Center and use the public terminals to check your criminal history. Note that these records are not always accurate and do not show points, nor can they be submitted to an official court, insurance company, etc. These terminals will only show you your North Carolina history; they do not encompass other states.

How Do I Get My Out Of State Driving Record?

If you had a license in another state at some point, you should have a driving record there. Visit the DMV website for that state to order your driving history. Some states, such as Virginia, allow you to order it online. Other states, such as Florida, make you fill out a form and mail it. If you know you will need your record from another state, order it now as opposed to waiting; it could take months to get it back.

If you have a traffic ticket you need to order your driving record for, you may want a speeding ticket lawyer to handle it instead. Contact me at 919-880-2124 for a free consultation.

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