Can A 50B Order Be Expunged In North Carolina?

A Chapter 50B Order is a domestic violence protection order. Also known as a DVPO, a 50B Order can be entered by a judge upon petition of a person who claims they have been harassed, assaulted, or threatened by someone they had previously been in a romantic relationship with, share a child with, are related as parent and child (or grandparent and child if the grandparent acts as a parent), or are current or former roommates.

50B orders cannot be expunged in North Carolina. The issue often comes up in the General Assembly, but it always dies in a chamber or is pushed off indefinitely.

Although a 50B order is a civil order, not a criminal offense, a person doing a very thorough background check may be able to find the order, even if it has long expired or been dismissed. Generally, 50Bs do not appear on standard background checks done by employers — 50Bs only tend to appear if you are applying for a high-level position, such as a government job.

Likewise, 50Cs cannot be expunged in North Carolina at this time. A person checking your background would have to physically go to the courthouse the petition/order is filed in and ask the file clerk to see the file to view the allegations.

Keep in mind a 50B is NOT a criminal charge, although 50Bs and 50Cs often have criminal charges attached.

If you have had a 50B or 50C filed against you, or have a past or current order, you likely will want it to be eventually expunged. Contact your local representative and encourage them to sponsor or support a bill allowing restraining order expungements.

If you currently have a pending 50B or 50C, you need to consult a lawyer. Contact Raleigh attorney Paige Feldmann at or (919) 747-3244 for a free consultation on your case. The Law Office of Paige Feldmann, PLLC handles cases in Wake County, North Carolina.

Raleigh 50B expungement
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