Should I Just Pay Off A Speeding Ticket For 9 Over?

In Wake County, North Carolina, you should absolutely not pay off a speeding ticket for going nine over or five over without speaking to a traffic attorney first. By doing so, you could have your license suspended or your insurance could increase drastically for three years.

In North Carolina, you can have one 9 over every three years before your insurance rates statutorily raise. However, always check with your insurance company because you might lose the benefit of a safe-driving program you may be enrolled in (with or without your knowledge). You can also have one improper equipment, which is a non-moving violation and will not statutorily raise your insurance nor add points to your license. Additionally, you can have one Prayer for Judgment (PJC) every three years. This eliminates the court fine (but not the cost) and will not statutorily arise your insurance. Only one is allowed per household — a household is all those on an insurance policy, even if a driver does not live with you (e.g. they are away at college).

There are times when a speeding ticket lawyer in Wake will tell you just to pay the ticket off — if you aren’t interested in an improper equipment and don’t want to spend the money on attorney fees, it might be in your best interest. A honest lawyer will tell you whether it’s okay just to pay the ticket online, but will always advise you to check with your insurance company first to make sure there are no consequences.

If you have been cited for speeding in Wake County and are planning on simply paying off the ticket to not deal with the hassle of going to court, please talk to a lawyer first. Most criminal defense attorneys will be willing to give you ten minutes of their time for free to speak to you about the pros and cons of paying the ticket.

Contact Attorney William Pruden for a free consultation on your Wake County speeding ticket at 919-880-2124. The Law Office of Paige Feldmann, PLLC handles traffic matters, including speeding, failure to stop, unsafe movement, driving while impaired, exceeding safe speed, and expired registration in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Apex, Cary, Leesville, Brier Creek, Garner, Fuquay Varina, and Knightdale.

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