Are There Cheap Lawyers in Raleigh?

It depends on what your definition of “cheap” is.

Lawyers are expensive. Some attorneys offer lower fees than others because they have lower overhead expenses or are able to take on many cases at one time.

Why Are Lawyers So Expensive?

Student loans. Just like doctors, lawyers have to go through extra schooling and keep up with their education each year. It adds up. Additionally, attorneys have high-pressure jobs where people’s lives are literally at stake, so they must make sure they are fully prepared and truly know what they are doing. Many lawyers have a staff of paralegals to help manage the heavy caseloads also, and these salaries can be expensive.

How Can I Find An Inexpensive Attorney?

Find an attorney you connect with who is able to offer you a payment plan if you need one. Your best bet is to call multiple lawyers in Raleigh and talk to each for at least a few minutes. You do not necessarily want to go with the least expensive attorney unless you truly mesh with him or her. If you and the lawyer do not get along, the process will be much more difficult and miserable for you than it needs to be. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not matching with someone. Some people simply have different personalities.

Ask Family And Friends For Referrals

If you are comfortable talking about your charges with family and friends, ask them who they have used in the past or who they might know.

But Don’t Post About Your Case On Social Media To Ask For Referrals

Social media is the death of so many in the criminal court system. Anything you say on social media about your case can and will be used against you. Just because your profile is private does not mean the Assistant District Attorney won’t see your posts — they can subpoena your posts, or people you are friends with may hand the posts over. Basically, you must be very careful about who you trust when it comes to talking about your charges.

Ask Attorneys About Payment Plans

Many attorneys understand that you can’t afford to pay everything up front. The Law Office of Paige Feldmann offers payment plans on many types of cases to ease your burden. Call us for a free consultation of your Raleigh misdemeanor. Criminal defense attorney lawyer William Pruden can be reached at 919-880-2124

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